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Game description: Majesty: Northern Expansion:
Everybody who liked original mobile game «Majesty: Kingdom Simulator», will surely enjoy the full addition «Majesty: Northern Expansion», in which players can continue their achievements: in new locations from now - the Northern Lands. The add-on will demonstrate upgraded graphics, weather changing, and also social networks integration.   «Majesty: Northern Expansion» - it's high time to feed the dragons!


Majesty Zavoevanie Severa Nokia 360x640.jar, Rpg, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview Majesty Zavoevanie Severa Nokia 360x640.jar, Rpg, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 2 Majesty Zavoevanie Severa Nokia 360x640.jar, Rpg, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 3 Majesty Zavoevanie Severa Nokia 360x640.jar, Rpg, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 4 Majesty Zavoevanie Severa Nokia 360x640.jar, Rpg, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 5

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 Game description: Naruto Trials of Prison: This is a new mobile game based on Naruto animation from Chinese creators! There are many levels, new characters and many other things in the new version of this mobile game! Excellent graphics is another advantage of the new version.
Naruto Trials Of Prison 240x320

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 Game description: Naval: Special Force: You are a captain of the naval special forces ship and your task is to release the hostages which were taken by the sea pirates faraway in the ocean. Get experience and gain money destroying enemy ships. Buy bonuses, upgrade your ship and in case you have enough money you can even buy a new ship and get ready to the next battle.
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 Game description: New harvest moon: New harvest moon gives you a chance to build Echo Village, and turn it into the best community in the world. This is a pastoral story with rendered 3D background.
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 Game description: Parallel Worlds: Parallel Worlds is a huge interactive world, where you can communicate with lots of people, play interesting games and live the entirely virtual life.A uniqueness of the project is in the fact, that it is initially oriented to mobile users, that is why it is possible to enter the project from a computer, as well as from any phone or smart phone.We are having fun, so you may join!
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4 MB
 Game description: Lost Odyssey: The game takes place in the world which received a new kind of magic energy. This Magic changed everything – environment, technologies, every day life, the only thing it did not change was human consciousness. Just as before opening new energy source people kept on fighting. As a result, the magic energy changed the way of fighting a war. People combined their technologies and magic energy and as a result they got a wonderful and fantastic world – the world of technologies and magic.
Poteryannaya Odisseya 240x320 S60

966.6 KB
 Game description: Rainbow Castle 3: Long long ago, in the ancient times, there were castles floating in the clouds... These floating fortresses always attracted people. Many various scientists, alchemists, magicians and geographers tried to reveal the mystery of these castles. Game features:Captivating story, fantasy world journeysWonderful graphics and hero animation3D modelling of the fighting scenes65 maps, 24 kinds of magic, hidden treasuresMore than 25 gameplay hours
Rainbow Castle 3 240x320 S40

511.2 KB
 Game description: Ranch Tycoon: Ranch Tycoon - farm simulator. Build plants and satisfy the needs of the Chinese food restaurants. There are office tasks as well as production ones and you will get extra bonuses for them.Game features:Different kinds of seeds, plants and animalsDifferent production tasksManagement and logistics 
Ranch Tycoon 240x320

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